My Business.

// an overview of the corporation I started in high school

Seniors Connect LLC connects seniors to the people they care about through technology education. Our services include free group lessons, affordable one-on-one focused lessons, troubleshooting, and an opportunity to enrich themselves with lifelong learning. The mission of Seniors Connect is to provide a mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge between generations.

timeline of our venture

The Spark

Nov. 2014

We've just sat down to dinner when the phone rings. It's my grandma. Her printer is stuck again. My dad and I help her that weekend, and she tells us about her friends in the retirement community who are having the same problem but don't have family members nearby.

The Idea

Dec. 2014

I'm sitting in Social Entrepreneurship class when it comes to me: a service-based organization to teach elderly people how to use technology! I turn to my friend Clara and explain the idea, convincing her of the feasibility and potential impact of the business.

First Win

Dec. 2014

It's the last day of the class and Clara and I are presenting our business, Seniors Connect, to entrepreneur judges. Competing against our older classmates for the grand prize of 100% in the class, we emerged victorious thanks in part to a testimonial from my grandma.

Why Not?

Jan. 2015

After spending weeks planning the business, Clara and I grew attached to it. With very few startup costs and an available market, we could see no reason to leave the project behind. In January of 10th grade, we started providing services as Seniors Connect.

What Now?

Apr. 2016

After a year of doing business, we decided to take Seniors Connect to the next level. On a whim, I applied to the Tom Tom Festival's Crowdfunded Pitch Night and was accepted! Weeks of pitching preparation led to 3 minutes to convince hundreds of people to vote for us.

Big Night

May 2016

Amazingly, we won the Pitch Night as the youngest ever competitors, thanks to the support of the Charlottesville community. For our prize, we were presented with either $4,360 from the voting tokens, or a spot in the UVA i.Lab incubator program with a budget of $5,000.


Jun. 2016

On June 1st, we began our 10 week mentorship at the i.Lab, once again the youngest ever participants. Working alongside MBA students, we received valuable education from a variety of professors and business people, and were able to greatly expand Seniors Connect.

The End

Aug. 2017

After two and a half years of operating Seniors Connect, Clara and I decided to sell the business to a younger student because we were leaving Charlottesville for college. I am thankful for the experience it provided me, and I am confident that I made a positive impact on the community.

Seniors Connect in the News

i.Lab Weekly Progress Reports

Week 1

  1. First pitch to group
  2. Venture Design workshop
  3. Became incorporated!
  4. Met with mentor, Liz Pyle
  5. Planned website updates
  6. Visited a senior center

Week 2

  1. Did customer interviews
  2. Planned group lessons
  3. Branding workshop
  4. Marketing case study
  5. Operating Agreement discussions

Week 3

  1. Got accounting software
  2. Lecture on how to pitch
  3. Revised our pitch
  4. Effectuation workshop
  5. Q&A with county public school board

Week 4

  1. Met with head of school
  2. Got a bank account
  3. Met with local entrepreneur
  4. Commitments workshop
  5. Random customer interviews on the mall

Week 5

  1. Evaluated customer needs
  2. Met with Alzheimer's Association representative
  3. Planned hiring process
  4. Discussed possible service expansions with mentors

Week 6

  1. Group lesson on email
  2. Updated marketing tactics
  3. Customer interview workshop and case study
  4. Reached out to more retirement communities

Week 7

  1. Group lesson on iPads
  2. Met with JABA
  3. Disruption Workshop
  4. Met with the Senior Center
  5. Revamped our Business Model Canvas

Week 8

  1. Windows 10 group lesson
  2. Updated propositions
  3. Workshop on creativity
  4. Finalized employee wages
  5. Networked with other
    young entreprenuers

Week 9

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Lecture on bottom up research at Yale
  3. Scheduled more lessons
  4. Researched partnerships
  5. Pitched to investors

Week 10

  1. Final i.Lab cohort meeting
  2. Discussion of investments
  3. iPad and iPhone demonstration lesson
  4. Planning services for the rest of the year